How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

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How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work

One of the most common questions at Langley Dental Care that we see with our cosmetic dentistry services is, “How long does Invisalign take to work?” However, before you can understand how long the treatment requires, you have to understand what it is and how it works.

Like many highly effective ways of improving your smile, you will need to put some time into the treatment. However, the results of a straighter smile will reward your effort. 

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a smile-correcting process that works similarly to traditional wire braces but without the pain or cosmetic problems those cause. The system uses removable clear trays to slowly conform your teeth into the desired arrangement to eliminate gaps, crowding, or uneven spacing.

The value in using Invisalign is the ability to remove the trays for eating, flossing, and brushing. Therefore, you don’t have to change your diet to accommodate braces. Additionally, you don’t need specialty dental care products to keep up your daily oral hygiene regime. As long as you continue to brush and floss after meals and see a dentist for checkups and cleanings during your treatment, your teeth should remain healthy.

Another advantage of Invisalign is its clear design. No one can see that you have a teeth-straightening device on. This advantage is especially important for adults who don’t want to have a metal-filled smile when creating first impressions.

Also, each tray is created exclusively for your teeth, so they each fit perfectly and do not move when talking. The FDA-approved tray design does not use BPA, latex, gluten, or BPS in the material. This design ensures that everyone, even those with sensitivities, can use the trays. 

How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign process uses a series of clear trays that you change once every two weeks. Each tray has the teeth in slightly different positions, slowly pushing them closer to their final orientation. To create the trays, the dentist must first make a 3D scan of your teeth. This scan and computer technology allow for the system to determine how many trays you need for your treatment. The system also predicts how much each tooth must move during the process. Input from the dentist in creating the treatment plan is also important. Therefore, you should find a dentist with expertise in using Invisalign’s fitting technology, like Dr. Langley.

Once the plan is in place, the scans go off to a lab for creating the aligner trays, which return to your dentist’s office. You pick up the first set of trays and wear them for as much time as possible during the day and while sleeping. Ideally, you will have each tray in place for 20 to 22 hours. In fact, the longer you keep the trays in place, the less likely you will have to wear each tray for more than the allotted time.

Over time, you will progress through the aligner trays until you complete the treatment course. During treatment, you will continue to have appointments with your dentist to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes.

So, how long does Invisalign take to work? The answer to that question is not as simple as a set time. 

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

When it comes to the amount of time that Invisalign takes to work, several factors come into play, including:

  • How far your teeth need to move
  • How many aligner trays your treatment plan includes
  • How well you adhere to using the aligner trays

For instance, while most people need to wear each aligner tray for two weeks, some only need one week per tray. The number of trays also differs between patients because some people need more trays to move their teeth farther than others.

The average treatment time for Invisalign completion ranges from 9 to 18 months. This value has such a large range due to the numerous other factors behind it, including how many trays patients need, which can vary from 18 to 30.

Despite the long time to complete the treatment, you will begin to see results after the first few trays within a few weeks. Therefore, the progress can help you to keep up with using the aligners as your new smile slowly appears right before your eyes.

The best way to get the answer to your question of, “How long does Invisalign take to work?” is to talk to the dentist during the consultation. They will give you a customized treatment plan that includes a more precise timeline based on your individual case.

After completing Invisalign treatment, you will still need to wear a retainer at night to keep your smile looking great. Your dentist will tell you more about this device and how it will work for you. 

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Whether Invisalign is an ideal solution for your smile depends on many factors. If you have any of the following types of teeth issues, you may qualify for Invisalign:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Underbite, overbite, or crossbite
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Open bite where the teeth don’t meet
  • Crooked teeth

As with any dental procedure, only your dentist can tell you if Invisalign will work for you. You may need to have a dental cleaning and checkup to ensure that you don’t have any complications before beginning your Invisalign treatment. Schedule a visit with your dentist for an evaluation to see whether Invisalign will be the best option in getting you the smile you want. 

Improve Your Smile by Scheduling an Invisalign Consultation with Us at Langley Dental Care

If you want to see whether you qualify for Invisalign, you first need a consultation with a dentist. For those in Charlotte, NC, come see Dr. Langley at Langley Dental Care for your Invisalign evaluation. After examining your teeth and discussing your smile expectations, Dr. Langley can determine whether Invisalign will work for you. Contact us today to set up your visit.