Dr. Kari Langley

Dr. Kari Langley

Dr. Kari Langley

Kari Langley, DMD received her Bachelor’s Degree from Auburn University, and her Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. Dr. Langley completed her dental education by obtaining an Invisalign certification and joining the Spear Education Faculty Club as well as the Seattle Study Club and South Charlotte Study Club.

Dr. Kari langley is a dentist who has been in practice since 2004. She opened her dental office in January 2006. Her focus was to provide a high level of care for her patients and create a welcoming environment.

Kari Langley is not just a dentist. She loves it. She enjoys helping her patients achieve their dental goals. Dr. Langley enjoys helping each patient achieve their unique dental goals. Some patients desire a beautiful smile. Some patients want a healthy smile. She enjoys tailoring a plan to fit her patients’ lifestyle and dental goals.

Dentistry is about more than just treating teeth. Dr. Langley will restore the mouth of a patient to make them stronger, able to chew better, smile larger, and feel better. She is happiest when she can achieve both health and function. Why? It’s because a healthy, beautiful mouth is born!

April 30, 2024
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