Top 4 Drinks That Cause Teeth-Staining: Our Guide

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Top 4 Drinks That Cause Teeth-Staining: Our Guide


You may pride yourself on having a great smile that you can proudly show off when you take selfies and lead meetings at work. However, you may notice some hard-to-remove stains when you drink certain beverages. Unfortunately, teeth staining is common even for those with healthy teeth who practice good oral hygiene. But don’t worry, we can delve deeper into what kinds of drinks you need to avoid. That way, you can preserve your pearly whites

This article will discuss four common drinks that you may consume daily, which affect your teeth’s condition. Take this as an opportunity to preserve your valuable physical attribute and think about your oral health! 

1. Fruit juice 

You may crave your daily dose of orange juice, especially during the morning when you need that natural immunity boost. However, certain fruit juices can stain your teeth. It’s because some artificial and partially natural fruit drinks are overloaded with sugar and preservatives, which can damage your teeth and gums.

As such, consider limiting your fruit juice intake and prioritize fresh fruit juice as an alternative. You can also blend fresh fruits and vegetables into a healthy smoothie to boost your natural immunity and oral health!

2. Coffee and tea

Having coffee or tea may be your breakfast staple, but you may want to avoid caffeine since it’s known for teeth staining. That’s because it easily gets stuck in your teeth, which can develop brown streaks over time. You also have to watch out for caffeinated beverages, like certain energy drinks, yielding similar results. 

The best way to preserve being overly dependent on caffeine to perk up your mood in the morning is to eat a nutritious breakfast and get enough rest. That way, you can lessen your daily caffeine intake and have enough energy to power through the day!  You should also avoid hanging out at coffee shops, which can only tempt you to indulge your coffee cravings!

3. Sodas

You may like having coke and other sodas with your food, but you can seriously damage your teeth if you keep drinking it. Remember, sodas have copious amounts of sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other additives that can lead to teeth staining, decay, and gum disease. You may even have to get individual teeth replaced with implants if you have poor oral health and seldom go to the dentist! 

The truth is sodas don’t have any nutritional value, so why not just quit drinking them? You should also look into eliminating other sugary snacks that do nothing to preserve your health and well-being. Consult with your local doctor and dentist for dietary recommendations! 

4. Wine 

You may like to treat yourself to a bottle of wine or two, especially during the weekends after a long work week. However, habitual wine drinking can lead to teeth staining, sleep disorders, and possible substance abuse. That’s why you should lessen your wine intake and commit to more occasional drinks. After all, there are other more worthwhile ways to reward yourself, like taking a spa trip or spending time with your family! 


Keeping your teeth clean and bright white can be challenging, especially when you consider dietary restrictions. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of teeth-staining drinks that you should avoid or at least lessen in daily consumption. All you need to do is look for professional, local dentists who can offer you the best dental solutions. 

Remember all the previously mentioned information and get your teeth cleaned and checked today! 

Langley Dental Care can provide you with teeth whitening solutions in Charlotte to keep your smile bright! We can also offer you other dental services to maintain your oral health. Book your next dental appointment with us to take care of your oral health and well-being! 

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