Understanding Gum Disease: Causes and Symptoms

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Understanding Gum Disease: Causes and Symptoms

Gum Disease Causes and Symptoms

One of the major oral diseases you should be aware of is periodontitis, more commonly known as gum disease. It is an infection that destroys delicate tissues around your teeth, weakening the natural structure of your mouth. It often results in losing teeth, bad breath, and painful chewing. Fortunately, there are ways to treat it. You just need to know the telltale signs and symptoms, enabling you to seek dental assistance and other medical interventions. 

This article serves as a precautionary guide for concerned individuals like you about periodontitis. Take this as an opportunity to better look after your teeth and gums as integral parts of your body, allowing you to satisfy necessary functioning, like eating and speaking. 

You can also use this article as a starting point to be more proactive about oral hygiene and dental appointments, bettering your chances of fighting gum infections and other related medical complications. Read about gum disease causes and symptoms:

Gum Disease Causes and Symptoms

The following are the physical manifestations of periodontitis that require minor-to-major dental solutions to restore your teeth’s healthy condition and natural appearance: 

  • Bright red or purple-like gums 
  • Inflamed gums that feel firm to the touch 
  • Visible blood streaks and pus-like residue around teeth, gums, and tongue
  • Halitosis (a.k.a. bad breath)
  • Fragile teeth that move easily, meaning they are prone to falling out
  • Noticeable malocclusion (or misaligned teeth) when chewing
  • Burning or throbbing when you move your mouth 
  • Improper gaps in between teeth and gums

What Causes Periodontitis? 

The root cause of most periodontitis cases is bacteria found in plaque buildup, a glue-like substance that forms around your teeth and gums. Genetics also play a role, having a family member with periodontal disease makes you more prone to the disease. Consider the following stage of untreated plaque growth to help you better understand how gum disease develops, gum disease causes and symptoms: 

  • Stage 1: Plaque growth and hardening into tartar

Suppose you don’t brush and floss your teeth consistently. Your teeth can accumulate more plaque as different starch-based and sugar particles from your food encourage plaque buildup. It results in tartar, a hardened plaque that allows bacteria to grow in your teeth and gums. At this stage, even the best toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss can’t break down tartar, meaning you need to schedule professional teeth cleaning sessions and checkups to avoid bacterial plaque from getting more severe. 

  • Stage 2: Developing gingivitis 

Before becoming periodontitis, you will undergo gingivitis, a milder form of gum infection. You need professional dental services at this level since the tissues around your mouth are irritated and can puff up, causing pain and mild bleeding. Your dentist will also instruct you to use special oral hygiene products to bolster your mouth’s natural bacteria-fighting capabilities. 

  • Stage 3: Gum disease and a weakened immune system 

If your gingivitis is not professionally treated, you can expect harmful bacteria to penetrate past your teeth, leading to more severe gum infection. You will lose teeth at this stage and experience chronic swelling and pain around the gums, meaning you will be vulnerable to other diseases. That’s because the mouth is one of your immune system’s major defenses. 


Periodontitis is a severe oral health complication that requires immediate attention. Fortunately, you now have the background knowledge necessary to determine if you and others have it. Catching it early is key! Seek professional dental help immediately if you feel you have gum disease and its related symptoms!

Are you looking for effective gum infection treatment services in Charlotte? We at Langley Dental Care can provide you with that and more! We are your dedicated team of oral health specialists, offering you and your family the best dental solutions. Get your teeth checked with us today to avoid and treat periodontitis and other related diseases!