Temporary vs. Permanent Dentures: Pros and Cons

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reasons to visit your dentist
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Temporary vs. Permanent Dentures: Pros and Cons

what are dental veneers

Dentures are a very common dental fixture. In fact, a survey of people in 19 countries found that almost one in five wore dentures. With so many people wearing dentures, the options available today differ from those that people had decades ago. With both immediate dentures and permanent dentures available, you never have to be without replacement teeth after dental extractions. Which type of denture is best for you? Find out more about the options we offer at Langley Dental Care.

Immediate Dentures

Dentures typically fall into two main categories, immediate and permanent. When comparing immediate dentures vs. permanent options, remember that the processes required for placing both differ, but you will still have a complete set of useable teeth after you get your choice of dentures.

After extraction, you can get immediate dentures as a temporary replacement for your teeth while you wait for the creation of your customized dentures. The custom dentures don’t have fixtures in the jaw to support them. Instead, these removable pieces fit into your mouth over your jaw.


The biggest advantage of immediate dentures is their quick placement after extraction. You don’t have to go home without teeth after the dentist pulls your natural teeth. With immediate dentures, you can still chew, talk, and smile as soon as you leave the dentist.

Another perk of immediate dentures is how they cover and protect the gums during the healing process while you wait to get your permanent set of customized dentures.

Finally, with immediate dentures, you get to see a demonstration model of the custom dentures that the lab creates during your healing process. By looking at a proposed demo, you can choose changes to ensure that you will like the color and design.


Immediate dentures have a few downsides, which are minor.

First, the dentist cannot custom-fit the immediate dentures to your mouth. Therefore, you will need regular appointments for relining to ensure that the temporary dentures fit correctly.

In some cases, temporary dentures do not have teeth that are as sharp as those in permanent dentures. Therefore, you may have a slight learning curve in eating with immediate dentures.

Finally, immediate dentures and custom dentures will require regular visits to the dentist to ensure proper fit. Over time, natural gum and bone recession will change how your custom dentures fit in your mouth. You will need checkups to help your dentist determine when to fit you for a new pair of custom dentures.

Keep in mind that immediate dentures only remain in use for a few months. You won’t have to live with the few disadvantages after your permanent dentures arrive. The custom dentures will correct these issues by fitting well within your mouth and requiring only regular appointments with the dentist for adjustments and exams.

Permanent Dentures

As the name suggests, permanent dentures are long-lasting replacements for your teeth. While custom dentures are removable replacements for teeth, you have another option for a more secure fit. Implant-supported permanent dentures provide a firm fit. The type of support you have for these dentures will depend on whether you have them placed in your top or bottom jaw and how you want to care for the overdentures.


The most important benefit for patients who get permanent, implant-supported dentures is the ability to retain bone in the jaw. Traditional dentures that don’t use implants may have a side effect of bone loss over time. Implant screws fit into the jaws, just like tooth roots, so the bone does not recede.

Another benefit of permanent, implant-supported dentures is the numerous options for the supports for the arches or overdentures, which include:

  • Lower dentures are held by ball attachments on two implants to hold dentures that easily snap into place.
  • A lower arch that uses bar attachments supported by four to six implants for removable dentures that have a firmer hold.
  • Non-removable dentures with screw retention on five or more implants. These feel most like regular teeth and remain in your mouth all the time, except at denture maintenance visits.
  • Top teeth can use one of the removable, implant-supported options for better support and stability.

Cleaning and care of permanent, implant-supported dentures generally require less time and effort than custom, removable dentures.

Finally, thanks to the methods used by Langley Dental Care, you can get permanent dentures the same day that you have natural teeth extracted. Therefore, you will also have similar protection for your gums and tissues during the healing process as you do with immediate dentures.


One of the downsides of implants is the need to have oral surgery to place the implant screws. Some people may not have enough bone matter to support the screws, which may require bone grafts or choosing another denture option.

Cost may be higher for permanent dentures supported by implants. However, they fit better, and some people argue that they look more natural than non-implant-supported dentures. Therefore, the benefits may easily outweigh the price, especially if your dental insurance covers all or part of the cost.

Immediate Dentures vs Permanent: Which Is Right for You?

Whether you should get immediate dentures followed by custom dentures or a set of permanent, implant-supported overdentures is a personal matter. You should discuss your budget, expectations, and lifestyle with the dentist before choosing. The dentist will also help you decide on an option that works best with your bone structure and oral anatomy.

So, how do immediate dentures vs permanent compare for your smile? The choice is one you must discuss with your dentist to find the best option for you. Remember, whichever option you choose, you must still maintain regular dental visits to assess the health of your gums and the fit of your dentures.

Get the Best Dentures for Your Smile at Langley Dental Care

If you need dentures, you need a trusted dentist to provide stellar care throughout the process of getting them. At Langley Dental Care, our dentists can fit you with immediate dentures for comfort and utility until your permanent dentures are ready for placement. We also give you the option for implant-supported dentures. Contact us today if you need to have your teeth replaced with a set of dentures. Restore your smile and enjoy the foods you love with a new set of dentures from Langley Dental Care.

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