How to Care For Your Invisalign Aligners

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How to Care For Your Invisalign Aligners

how to care for invisalign aligners

Your smile is the first thing that most people see. So, you’ll want to show off a bright, healthy-looking grin by having straight teeth. Invisalign aligners can help you correct multiple issues with teeth spacing or bite problems that keep you from having the smile you want. 

Just by taking great care of your aligners and wearing them throughout the day, you will see a transformation in your smile. Here’s our guide on how to care for your invisalign aligners. 

Why Choose Invisalign for Teeth Straightening?

Invisalign gives those with mild to moderate bite and teeth alignment problems the ability to have better smiles without braces. Common issues corrected by Invisalign include overbites, underbites, cross bites, poor spacing between teeth, or open bites.

While braces have sharp wires and settings that can cause pain in your mouth tissues and teeth, Invisalign aligners are smooth and fit easily into your mouth. You may forget that you have the aligners in place. Plus, they use clear material that others cannot see.

To get Invisalign treatment, you need to go to a doctor who has training and equipment approved by Invisalign to get you started on the program. The dentist uses a camera to generate a 3D scan of your teeth, which provides an accurate representation of your mouth the lab will use to create your aligners. Another benefit of the scan your dentist takes is the ability to use it to show you before you start the Invisalign regime how your teeth will look when you finish.

The dentist submits the images of your teeth to the lab, which individually produces each of your aligner trays. Your customized trays will not work for anyone else. However, they have a design that will ensure you have the best results with minimal discomfort throughout treatment.

Finally, the lab ships the trays back to your dentist. You’ll visit the dentist to pick up your trays and ensure that the first tray fits well. Upon receipt of the system, you can start your Invisalign treatment regime.

The Invisalign Treatment Regime

Wearing Invisalign aligners may feel very different from other orthodontic pieces you’ve used before. The most significant difference between wire braces and Invisalign is the ability to remove the latter whenever you want.

When you receive the lab-made aligners, your dentist will give you the exact details of how you will use them. Generally, you will wear the first aligner daily for up to two weeks, keeping it in your mouth for up to 22 hours a day.

After the time recommended by your dentist, you’ll switch to the next aligner tray in the system, which you’ll wear for another two weeks. Keep up with your dental checkups during the time that you use the Invisalign aligners.

At these checkups, your dentist will make any adjustments to the amount of time that you need to use each tray. For instance, you may initially need to use each tray for a week, but your dentist may increase that to two weeks at your checkups if your teeth do not respond to the system as anticipated.

Once you’ve gone through the entire system of aligner trays, which could take nine to 15 months, you will see a clear change in your smile.

Daily Living with Invisalign Aligners

Part of how to care for Invisalign aligners includes using them properly each day. You should leave the aligners over your teeth for as much time as possible. Ideally, you will keep them in for 20 to 22 hours every day. If you have them out for more than a couple of hours daily, you may need to increase your treatment time or the time you use each aligner tray.

Yes, you will sleep, work, and talk with your aligner trays in place. However, you have the freedom to take out the tray when you have meals, drink anything, or care for your teeth. Any time you take out the aligner, keep it clean and in the storage case.

How to Care for Invisalign Aligners

Caring for your Invisalign aligners keeps them fresh and clean. Because the trays are clear, food residue left on your teeth or not using the right cleaning agents can stain or damage the aligners. Always brush your teeth after meals and rinse the aligners before insertion.

When you take out your aligners, check the material for any signs of cracks. If you see any cracks as long as a tooth is tall, contact your dentist at once. Do not use the aligner. You may require a replacement for the cracked tray.

To keep your aligners clean, use a small amount of toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush the inside and outside of the aligners. It may be more natural to brush the exterior of the aligner trays while you still have them in your mouth. Rinse the trays after brushing them with clear water.

If you need to freshen the trays, use only Invisalign-approved cleaning products. Never use denture cleaner or mouthwash as cleaning agents. Soaking the trays in mouthwash or denture cleaner will damage the material, making it cloudy and more visible.

Keep the storage case clean, too. Use soap and water to wash the inside and outside of the case. Let the case dry before putting the aligners inside. Never use the dishwasher to clean your case. The high temperatures and detergent in the dishwasher could cause damage.

Properly caring for your Invisalign aligners will reduce the chances of cracks in the trays, prevent stains, and keep the trays clear throughout your treatment.

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