Mountain Island is an oasis for those who want quiet living and high-quality private schools, but this town is close enough to access everything Charlotte offers, including medical and dental services.

Our team members at Langley Dental Care pride ourselves on being a dentist Mountain Island, NC residents choose when they need comprehensive care.

As our neighbors and patients, Mountain Island residents are important to us, so we want to share what we love about the area. Even if you’ve lived on Mountain Island for years, you should take time to look over the great attractions around to rediscover the beauty of this North Carolina gem.

Things You May Not Know About Mountain Island, NC

First, you may know that the community is a great place to live, but did you know that it rates highly as being good for families, jobs, and diversity, according to Niche neighborhood ratings?

Great for Families

Families tend to flock to places where their kids can have a great education. All choices for learning are above average in Mountain Island. While the private schools are excellent, the public schools are also above average, making it easier to find quality education for your kids whether you choose public or private options.

Highly Educated

Education also seems important among those who already live in this town because 62% of residents have at least some college learning or higher education degrees. The higher degree of learning in this community likely contributes to its median household income being much higher than the national median. Mountain Island residents have a median income of $87,188; nationwide, that value is $64,994.


Mountain Island is a highly diverse population with no racial group making up a majority. The diverse population comprises almost equal percentages of black and white residents, 44% and 43%, respectively.

Before the Lake

The Mountain Island community shares its name with a small island in an adjacent lake. In 1924, a hydroelectric power plant and its accompanying dam created the man-made Mountain Island Lake. The plant captures the moving water to generate electricity for the surrounding area, but most people don’t know that this wasn’t the first time people used moving water to improve their lives.

In 1849, the owners of the nearby Mount Hecla steam mill decided to move to capture the power of the Catawba River for operations. They moved equipment to the area that would later become Mountain Island. At the time, without the manmade lake, the island was simply a steep mountain in the area.

The mill operations drew many people from nearby farms to work. Over time, a bustling community arose of mill workers. However, in 1916, the mill, its village, and its operations ceased when flooding swept everything away.

Things to Do Around Mountain Island

While a quiet suburb, Mountain Island still has great attractions nearby for you to enjoy, especially if you love to get outside. Check out the following top picks for things to do around your hometown:

Mountain Island Park

Mountain Island park is near the dam that created the lake. This park features more than two miles of mountain biking trails, primitive campsites, walking trails, kayak launches, and a fishing pier. Like the rest of Mountain Island, this park is also great for kids. It includes a playground for the little ones to enjoy, or they can partake in fishing, canoeing, hiking, or biking with their caregivers.

Mountain Island Lake

It’s hard to miss the waterbody that gives the community its name. The lake has strict use requirements for its shoreline because it provides drinking water for Charlotte and nearby areas. Consequently, you won’t find a lot of distractions, such as marinas or restaurants, when you go out for a day on the water.

Langley Dental Care – A Dentist Mountain Island NC Residents Can Trust

Mountain Island is a great place for families, and at Langley Dental Care, we strive to give families the dentistry services they need so everyone can have healthy teeth for life.

Preventative Dental Care

We offer preventative care through cleanings, exams, and x-rays. These routine visits help to prevent gum disease and identify decay in its early stages. If you already have signs of gum disease, our deep periodontal cleanings can stop the condition’s progression before you lose teeth.

Restorative Services

Restorative dentistry is another service we offer. This care includes filling cavities, inserting dental implants, fitting you with bridges or dentures, repairing cracked teeth, and pulling decayed teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of our patients appreciate that they can also get cosmetic care in the same dental office where they get teeth cleanings and exams. Our cosmetic services can transform your smile from an okay one into a grin you will want to show off.

For instance, we are an Invisalign provider practice, which means our dentist has the training and tools to provide you with official Invisalign trays to improve your dental alignment in just a few weeks. We also have teeth whitening that is more powerful and effective than over-the-counter products. Veneers and bonding are other cosmetic services we provide for patients who have one or more teeth that need improvements to their shape.

Visit Langley Dental Care for a Dentist Near Mountain Island, NC

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