Charlotte is a great place to live and work, and our team at Langley Dental Care couldn’t agree more. Our lives and careers are deeply connected to the city and its people. While we have a passion for caring for our patients, our top-rated dentists Charlotte NC citizens love are not the only great thing the city has in it. Find out more about us and why we love our practice’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why We Love Charlotte

Our team at Langley Dental Care also lives in the Charlotte area, just like our patients. And we love living here. There are several great things about Charlotte that we want to share with other residents. So, check out these places around town that we love. We hope that you’ll enjoy these sites as much as we do.

McDowell Nature Preserve and Center

Step away from the fast pace of modern life and get back to nature by enjoying the 1,132 acres of the McDowell Nature Preserve and Center. It is the oldest preserve in the county and provides visitors with hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities. While visiting, keep your eyes open for rare native species such as the Seminole Bat and the Gulf Coast spiny soft-shelled turtle.


You don’t need a golf course to practice your driving. Imagine merging the separate lanes, food, and fun of a bowling alley with a modern driving range and games. This rare combination is exactly what you will find at Topgolf. This venue transforms driving practice into a social event with private party spaces, HDTVs, a full restaurant and bar, and competitive golf for everyone. Bays allow groups to practice driving or participate in golfing games separately. Even those who aren’t golf fanatics enjoy the fun and competitive games at Topgolf.


Don’t miss Carowinds amusement park for family-friendly entertainment, rides, a waterpark, and shows. You’ll find more than 60 rides for all ages, that include roller coasters built for thrills and rides designed just for kids. Plus, you can combat the heat of the North Carolina summer at the adjacent water park, which also features a variety of slides and rides for all ages.

Visit Langley Dental Care for Top Dentists in Charlotte

We understand that Charlotte residents have numerous places to choose from for their dental care. However, at Langley Dental Care, we offer comprehensive services that let each of our patients get almost any dental treatment they need to achieve a healthy smile they feel great showing off. Find out more about us and our practice to discover why we earn our reputation as a clinic with the top dentists in Charlotte.

Who We Are – Dr. Newbill and Dr. Langley

We have a pair of highly qualified dentists at Langley Dental Care, Dr. Newbill and Dr. Langley. Both dentists value their patients. They work hard toward building long-term connections with each patient. Good relationships start with listening to each patient and addressing their fears, needs, and desires from dental treatment. Drs. Newbill and Langley provide comprehensive treatments and compassionate care to ensure each patient feels comfortable and receives the dental care they need.

Our founder, Dr. Kari Langley opened the practice in 2006 and has passionately served Charlotte residents since then. Dr. Langley’s goal for every patient is to provide them with high-quality and compassionate dental care. She loves to help her patients to get the healthiest, strongest, and best-looking smiles possible. Her specialties include providing cosmetic smile makeovers, replacing missing teeth, fitting patients for Invisalign aligners, restoring teeth damaged by chronic grinding, and conducting general family dentistry services.

Dr. Tatum Newbill joined us in 2020 and fits perfectly into the way our practice treats patients. She gives each patient the best oral care possible. Her goal of providing quality dental care reflects her belief that healthy teeth and gums improve overall health and quality of life. Dr. Newbill’s specialties round out our practice well. She provides dental care to those who have medical complexities or special needs. Additionally, her areas of treatment specialization include restorative dentistry treatments, providing either dentures or bridges, conducting routine extractions, and performing family dentistry services.

Why Choose Langley Dental Care

At Langley Dental Care, we are committed to giving our patients the most comfortable, comprehensive dental services. Patients visit us for a variety of reasons from getting straighter teeth with Invisalign treatment, replacing missing teeth with dental implants, or having routine cleanings and exams. Thanks to our wide range of dental services, patients don’t need referrals to outside providers for most treatments.

Patient comfort is also vital to us. Our staff is ready to address any questions or concerns at any point before, during, or after a visit. When in the dental chair, we offer amenities to ease patient anxiety, including headphones for listening to music or TV and massaging chairs. Plus, our dentists take each patient’s concerns seriously and will communicate clearly about what to expect during each treatment.

Types of Services We Offer to Residents of Charlotte and the Surrounding Areas

Comprehensive services mean that our patients can get routine exams, x-rays, and regular dental cleanings or periodontal cleanings as components of our preventative care offerings. This care brings patients to our practice for regular checkups. However, some patients need additional services to restore function or improve the appearance of their teeth.

Restorative dentistry is a field that focuses on giving you back strong, functioning teeth. Services in this category that we provide at Langley Dental Care include root canal therapies, crowns, or dental fillings to treat painful teeth that have decay. For patients who have lost teeth, we can fit them with bridges or dentures or provide them with dental implants for a permanent solution.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most important areas for our patients because they can see visible results from the process. Because even healthy teeth may have cosmetic flaws, we offer services such as teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, or Invisalign teeth straightening.

Reach Out to Us for Top Dentists Charlotte NC Citizens Love

If you need any type of dental care, including cosmetic and restoration, you should reach out to us at Langley Dental Care. Like the city of Charlotte itself, we have a range of options for our patients. With cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry, each patient can get the comprehensive dental care they need to improve the health and appearance of their teeth and gums. Let us help you to achieve a winning smile by choosing us to be your top dentists in Charlotte NC.