All About the Dangers of Dry Mouth

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All About the Dangers of Dry Mouth

dangers of dry mouth

Feeling a bit of dryness due to thirst is normal, but you have to be careful if it becomes chronic, known as dry mouth or xerostomia. This medical complication happens when your salivary glands do not produce enough spit, leading to a parched sensation in the tongue and throat.

Note that saliva is necessary for the digestion process and acts as your immune system’s way of protecting your oral health. So what are the dangers of dry mouth?

This article will discuss the medical complications often associated with a dry mouth or the dangers of dry mouth. We will also talk about the different tips to help address the problem. Take this as an opportunity to keep your smile healthy.  This way, you can keep your health and welfare in check.

What Are the Contributing Factors of Dry Mouth?

Although dehydration can contribute to dry mouth, chronic cases often have other issues affecting healthy saliva production. Consider the following:

  • Stress
  • Medication use, mainly antidepressants, antihypertensives, and antihistamines
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Marijuana use
  • Yeast infection in the mouth (or oral thrush)
  • Breathing problems (e.g. excessive inhaling through the mouth)
  • Autoimmune diseases (such as AIDS and Sjögren’s syndrome)
  • Frequent radiation therapy

As you can see from the list, there are cases when dry mouth can be a symptom of a more severe disease, while others are more lifestyle-based in need of attention and changes. It’s best to consult with your family physician and dentist for further examination. You can also request checkups with our team at Langley Dental Care.

What Happens If I Don’t Address the Dryness? – Dangers of Dry Mouth

You are putting yourself in further danger if you don’t take active steps to take care of the dryness in your mouth. At first, you may find it difficult to accomplish daily tasks, like speaking, satisfying your thirst for water, and breathing.

You can also expect the preexisting medical conditions to worsen, leading to intensive care at the hospital, poor quality of life, and even death. You are also endangering your body, exposing it to gum diseases and severe tooth decay due to your weakened immunity.

Are There Ways to Tend to Dry Mouth at Home?

You can follow practical tips to address the dryness of your mouth, but you also have to remember to seek further advice from a medical professional to keep your oral health in check. Consider following the steps below as you take further advice from your doctor:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Don’t restrict saliva production
  • Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks
  • Try not to fall back on old habits, like smoking and drinking too much coffee
  • Sip on ice cubes (but don’t chew them)
  • Exercise daily
  • Chew sugar-free gum
  • Manage your sugar and salt intake, especially with your daily meals
  • Put a humidifier in your bedroom
  • Purchase saliva substitutes at your local pharmacy
  • Manage your stress with meditation and journaling
  • Practice good oral hygiene


Chronic dry mouth can be detrimental to your oral health, and it should not be taken lightly. Now that you have a better understanding of what to expect, you need to consult with dental professionals to get the help you need. That way, you can keep your mouth and teeth healthy!

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